About Joe Mennonna:


“Joe Mennonna is quite literally a musical genius. He plays a gazillion instruments on a virtuoso level and what’s even better is that he’s easy to work with! His creativity and tastful arranging and production skills are unparalled. In short, he’s an awesome musician, phenomenal recording engineer and I’d be lost without him.

Joe Mennonna truly is a rare talent. It is actually difficult to describe how special Joe Mennonna is… Because there is a lot to him. If he was just a classically trained pianist who is as comfortable with the classical repertoire as he is with improvising jazz, folk, rock and everything in between, he would be considered to be a genius. But, add equally as accomplished talents on Flute, Saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba and accordion and the ability to play drums, electric guitar and bass…(oh and he sings too)… And this quiet unassuming man begins to look like something more than “genius.” He begins to look a lot like a full orchestra! It’s mind boggling. In the recording studio he’s amazing because he plays so many instruments at such a high level that you just get everything done that much faster. On stage with Folk Legend Tom Rush, The Bacon Brothers or Ian Gillan, Joe is the quiet guy who just out of the spotlight is making great music in support of others.

There is no way to describe Joe Mennonna. You have to dig around this site to catch even a glimpse of his amazing abilities. You should.”

- Mark Shepard, Singer- Songwriter, www.Positive-Songs.com


“Joe is the most astounding musician I’ve ever known. He plays so many different instruments at a professional level. His nature is very calm and centered, yet when he steps on stage to play a solo, no matter what instrument he’s playing, he’ll knock you right out of your chair and bring the crowd to its feet. His choice of notes and his delivery are just world class. In addition to being an amazing player, he’s also a great producer. I’ve worked with Joe on many projects and his ability oversee all the elements of a major production, performing many if not all of the instruments, while gently encouraging and capturing the true essence of the artist, are what makes him so valuable.”

- Gene Moore, Producer, Recording Engineer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocualist… Pyramid Productions, Gene Moore Music